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Whole Life Vitality Detox for Health

Detox? The reality of modern life is that most of us are not functioning at our full potential. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and exposure to environmental pollution all contribute to increased toxicity in the body and leads to … Continue reading

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How are you feeling, time for a Detox?

So after spending four weeks away in Nepal over the Christmas and New Year period I thought I had done well to avoid the over consumption of Christmas festivities and planed to kick off my New Year feeling revitalised and … Continue reading

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Whole life Vitality Detox for Health

Have you ever wondered what a Detox Program is all about? Do you suffer from reoccurring ailments, find it difficult to lose weight, experience constant fatigue and lack the energy or motivation to exercise? Maybe you are suffering from a toxic overload and would benefit from Whole life Vitality Detox for Health program. Continue reading

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