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Easter treats

I thought I would take a moment to fill everyone in on how I intend to provide my kids with Easter treats that are fun and sugar free. Continue reading

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Sweet Sensation…

My youngest daughter recently had her first day in day care. The centre provides meals and snacks for the children…my first challenge was when the chef, in a friendly tone labelled her the ‘sugar free kid’, this challenged my beliefs; are … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Berry Pancakes

Sunday morning I woke feeling hung over…no alcohol involved! Sadly, this is generally how I feel after unwittingly consuming something I’m intolerant to. So following a walk in the rain with a cranky toddler (late night) and two over excited … Continue reading

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Free Consultations & Discounted Product for those in most need

I am often a little frustrated at the number of patients I attend to as a paramedic that seem to be on this roundabout of poor health and quick fixes for aliments that are easily treatable and preventable. Why? Good … Continue reading

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15 Minute free consultation

Free 15 Minute consultation Have you ever wondered what naturopathic medicine is all about and if it is something that may assist you? Yes? Then a free consultation could set you on your way to discovering optimal health and wellbeing. … Continue reading

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Whole Life Vitality Detox for Health

Detox? The reality of modern life is that most of us are not functioning at our full potential. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and exposure to environmental pollution all contribute to increased toxicity in the body and leads to … Continue reading

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How are you feeling, time for a Detox?

So after spending four weeks away in Nepal over the Christmas and New Year period I thought I had done well to avoid the over consumption of Christmas festivities and planed to kick off my New Year feeling revitalised and … Continue reading

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Gut Health, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

The surface area of the digestive system is approximately 200 times larger than a tennis court. The health of the digestive system impacts on multiple chronic and acute illnesses. ABC’s Catalyst sums in up nicely in these two episodes called … Continue reading

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Garden Harvest

Check out what I harvested from our garden this morning! Pawpaw’s, bananas, tomatoes, mulberries and fresh eggs from my fabulous chickens. I also got half a shopping bag full of limes and lemon aid fruit. My wonderful husband also had … Continue reading

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About Kylie

One of the many advantages of breastfeeding is that you are forced to stop and sit still; my little gem is very content to suckle and sleep all day so I tend to utilise this time catching up on emails … Continue reading

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