15 Minute free consultation

Free 15 Minute consultation

Have you ever wondered what naturopathic medicine is all about and if it is something that may assist you? Yes? Then a free consultation could set you on your way to discovering optimal health and wellbeing.

Holistic Health Naturopathy offers free 15 minute, no obligation consultations to answer your questions relating to naturopathic medicine and your health. We can discuss your current health concerns, diet and life style. You can then take the time to decide if Naturopathy is going to help you and follow up with a one-on-one consult. During a one on one consult I am able to ask further questions and carry out assessments that cannot be done over the phone such as iridology, skin and nail analysis. We can look at meal plans, nutrition needs, exercise and lifestyle plans that are tailored to suit your individual needs.

A free 15 minute consultation will also allow me the opportunity to refer you to other services should I feel that Naturopathy is unable to assist your individual condition. I believe in honesty, if I know of a therapy/therapist that is better suited to helping you for your individual condition then I can refer you to them.

Have a look and what services I offer and what is involved in the various other consultations at my webpage https://holistichealthnaturopathy.com/.

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Please Contact me and include your name, email and phone number. Tell me what has inspired you to make the appointment today, if you have received any form of treatment for this condition and if the treatment has provided you with any kind of relief or improvements. What would you like to achieve by attending an appointment?

We believe in helping people help themselves!
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