Whole life Vitality Detox for Health

So after spending four weeks away in Nepal over the Christmas and New Year period I thought I had done well to avoid the over consumption of Christmas festivities and planed to kick off my New Year feeling revitalised and sugar free. Sadly I have discovered I am human after all and feeling significantly less than immortal; my digestive system is unhappy, my skin is dry, my belly is podgy, my back hurts and I feel like I could sleep for a week! This initially annoyed me considering the diligence I take at maintaining a healthy diet, lifestyle and regularly taking my nutritional extras. And then there was a light bulb moment…my body is screaming out for a detox.

I may have avoided the stress of Christmas; over eating sweet treats, alcohol, late nights, commitments to family and friends or long hours at work. But instead I was confronted with a variety of different stressors; it was freezing cold, the air was thick with smog, the water quality poor and I never really knew exactly what I was eating…despite all this just like Christmas, I love everything Nepal has to offer and can’t wait to return.

So why is there a need to detox, if I have returned to my ‘normal’ diet and life style? The human body is an amazing machine, regardless of how we treat it or the fuel we provide for it, it has this ability to keep going, but like the best of machines it will eventually start to break down.

The main organs responsible for the elimination of toxins from the body are the digestive system, lungs, skin, kidneys and of course the liver. When these organs are confronted with increased workload they become sluggish and will eventually need to rest. This is where a good detox program comes in. a good detox programme is a sensible and simple diet and lifestyle plan that allows the organs responsible for the elimination of toxin to rest and recover.

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Have you ever wondered what a Detox Program is all about? Do you suffer from reoccurring ailments, find it difficult to lose weight, experience constant fatigue and lack the energy or motivation to exercise? Maybe you are suffering from a toxic overload and would benefit from Whole life Vitality Detox for Health program.

The reality of modern life is that most of us are not functioning at our full potential. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and exposure to environmental pollution all contribute to increased toxicity in the body and leads to compromised health.

MediHerb’s Whole life Vitality Detox for Health program has been designed by health experts and leading naturopaths to provide an effective detoxification plan that will assist in the elimination of accumulated toxins, aid liver detoxification, support the organs of elimination, repair and regenerate the body. This is a short-term program that is easy to follow focuses on sensible eating, fresh juices, organic foods, gentle exercise and WLV Detox INSPIRE image 4detoxification techniques that will support your natural detoxification processes.

As your practitioner, I will assess your individual needs and prescribe any additional nutritional supplements you may require and provide you with on going support and motivation to help you regain your optimal health and wellbeing. By week three most of my clients are feeling fantastic and are enjoying the fresh and wholesome meal plan, opting to continue eating this way.

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